Living My Bucket List

Living My Bucket List

I’m one of those people that is always making lists. To do lists for work. Chore lists for the weekend.  I always have multiple lists going on at once, usually a list for the week which lists such gems as ” laundry, sweep floors, grocery store and clean cat box.” My long term list is only slightly more interesting. Clean out garage. Paint bedroom. Drop off boxes at Goodwill. Occasionally they will entertwine like writing ” do all purchase items on Amsterdam list” on my weekly list. My friends find it hysterical when they see plans I have with them on a list. What they don’t get is everything I want to accomplish I add to the list so I don’t forgot anything and so I know it all gets done. Eventually 🙂

Although it may not seem like it, I am not a perfectionist and I have no OCD tendencies that I can think of.  Truthfully I sometimes drive those types of people crazy with how laid back I am.  On a recent vacation, my friends were astonished that it did not bother me that when I put the waters in the fridge, I did not have them all straight – I threw them in the crisper with no method to my madness and didn’t give it a thought!  It bothered one of my friend’s so much she woke up early one morning to fix it!

What I am is an extremely organized person that has a touch of anxiety about forgetting things and a bit more than a touch of ADD!

It’s really not my fault I am the way I am. My father was infamous for having sticky notes all over the kitchen counter at my parent’s house with various lists all over them.   My favorites were when he would leave notes out reminding him to tell my brothers and I about certain things when we all still lived there.

” Remind Meghan to get oil changed”

They always made me chuckle because instead of him writing me a note reminding me to get my oil changed, his note was to himself to remind me to do it.

After he died we found lists everywhere. Post-it’s. Notebooks. We never did figure out his computer password but I’m sure if we did he would’ve had a million lists there too. I have a tear stained memory of my brother going through his car and pulling out sticky notes and sheets of paper of lists and quotes and thoughts.

I already had started a bucket list before he died in 2010.  In fact, I had crossed off some big ones already like ” make dean’s list”, ” get a new job”,  ” get ankle tattoo ” and ” take mom to Italy” .   But losing  a parent  gives you a different perspective on a lot of things and it makes you realize you don’t always have all the time you think you might to get everything done.

So I decided to make it more of a priority. I didn’t really have anything written down, just a bunch of thoughts in my head. I wanted to organize my dreams and wishes, must do’s and must see’s.  Into a list. A bucket list.  And I was going to constantly add new things to it and make plans to accomplish everything on it.

I decided that instead of a bunch of random thoughts in my head, I was going to do what I do and start creating a list. I was going to do what my dad no longer could. I was going to live my bucket list.

Some of my items on my bucket list are big. Go to Amsterdam with my best friend. Accomplished in May 2016 and we are going again in May 2017 so we can cross off ” Going to Belgium” and “visit Anne Frank house”. Get tickets to a World Series game at Fenway – they lost the game that I attended but they won the World Series in 2013! Some are smaller – go on a whale watch accomplished in the summer of 2015 or building my own garden which I started doing in 2012 and is a never ending ongoing process! Some like donate blood and go sledding cost nothing at all.

My best friend Kat & I in Amsterdam


Eiffel Tower
View from our balcony at our hotel room in Paris

One of my favorite activities is traveling and one of my other favorite activities is planning my travel experiences. And I love taking pictures and videos and writing about it all! In fact, every picture or video on this site I took myself.

Amsterdam Houseboat
Living room of our houseboat

I work full-time, I do make a decent living but I am far from a wealthy person. I obviously won’t be able to accomplish all of my items all at once as I don’t have an endless supply of money or vacation time which is another reason why I have small and big items. And I’m adding to it all the time – while watching the World Series in 2016 it occurred to me I would love to see my Red Sox play at Wrigley Field so I added it to the bucket list!  A friend of mine took a trip to the Grand Canyon and they went white water rafting – yes please!

I try to accomplish 2 to 5 items year.  So far planned for 2017, I will be visiting Bruges in the amazing country of Belgium, I’ll visit the Anne Frank House and I am working on talking my friends into going on a helicopter tour over the Las Vegas strip when we go in September. I’m also doing a  weekend up at Niagara Falls this summer.  And there will be more.  And then of course there is the one I’m working on currently – start a  blog 🙂

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